• PuTTY (MS Windows) wishlist: inactive title, selection paste, multiple

    From Charles LaBrec@21:1/5 to All on Fri Jul 6 08:03:41 2018
    I use PuTTY a lot on Windows (7, if that matters) for work, and I'd like to suggest the following:

    * Don't change the title to "PuTTY (inactive)" when the session closes, just add "(inactive)"

    I have a lot of clients running to access various systems I need for work (currently have 10 open, and could be more). I need to use a VPN, and this resets daily, so I lose the connection every day. This is mitigated by using "screen" on the system, but
    the problem is that even though I customize the window titles (using named sessions, or sometimes ad hoc), when the session closes they all typically change to the same thing "PuTTY (inactive)" and so its hard to know which was which. I'd like to suggest
    that the window title be retained and "(inactive)" simply suffixed to it.

    * Have the ability to have paste use the current Windows selection rather than clipboard

    I switch between using Linux (currently Mint) and Windows for work. On Linux, I use the native terminal client windows and just use ssh to connect, and in those windows, I'm used to having the quick paste use the selection rather than the clipboard (i.e.,
    what's highlighted rather than having to use a "copy" function). On Windows, however, PuTTY quick paste only uses the Windows clipboard, so that if I select text in another non-PuTTY window (like a browser) and forget to Ctrl-C/Copy to put that
    selection on the clipboard, then use quick paste, it uses what I consider the "wrong thing"--what I had last copied, and not the new selection. While I could get used to that, the difference in behavior between Linux and Windows in this regard has
    trained my reflexes to not require the copy, and so I'd like the option for this to become more "Linux"-like in behavior.

    * Allow for more multiple-window management

    Currently on Windows, I see only a single option on the taskbar that operates on multiple windows: Close all windows. However, like I said earlier, I commonly use many windows at a time so there are quite a few things I'd like to do to all of them:
    * Minimize all
    * Restart all
    * Close all sessions (note: not close the windows, just the session)
    * Dismiss all alerts (the ones caused by my VPN closing)

    * Option to replace the error alerts with just inline text

    Like I mentioned, my VPN closes daily (controlled by my company's server configuration), so my sessions are typically force-closed). Plus, whenever I sleep my laptop, my sessions close as well. Having 10 (or so) alerts that need to be dismissed could be
    dispensed with. I'd rather just have that error be appended inline to my screen text because rather than be an alert.

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