• IEEE/ACM/ASA DSAA'2021 Competition: Telecom System Reconciliation (Kagg

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    Competition: Telecom System Reconciliation (on high dimensional datasets)

    Goal: Predict the correct configuration of the Billing system based on CRM configuration

    Have you ever been charged for something you did not subscribe to? How hard could it be to get my invoice right?

    One of the most important processes for telecommunications operators is service provisioning to a customer. This is the process responsible to provide you with the services you contracted and charging you for them.

    In this competition, we challenge you to predict the right bill for a customer given the services he contracted. The goal is to build a model that receives the configuration of the CRM system and predicts the correct configuration of the Billing system.

    Kaggle is hosting this competition in the Web page:


    Accept the challenge, have fun and win!!!

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