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    I have recently added an IBM 5362 to my computer collection. After

    cleaning the machine, booting appears to be successful up to the IPL

    logon screen. After entering the known username and password for a

    security officer, the server stops with an unresolvable program

    execution error (SRC 0090). I have also been able to connect an 5250

    emulation card to the mainframe.

    My problem is: I don't have any software (SSP 5.1 or 6.0) on 8" disks


    Assuming the problem can only solved by re-install of the OS, what

    methods are available for restoring this nice machine? Is remote

    installation through the 5250 emulation card possible? Is any software

    available? Is is possible to duplicate SSP disks?

    With kind regards,



    R.G. Bankras

    Calslaan 9-204

    7522 MH Enschede

    The Netherlands

    University of Twente



    I realise this is a very old post. However I am a System/36 Engineer and can assist you a bit.

    Firstly the error codes you are getting a CSP (Main Storage Program) exceptions. It was mentioned in this post. It is most likely as a result of the machine being downgraded (someone has a taken memory card out). The machines microcode should have
    been reconfigured when this was done but probably was not.

    There is also a chance that the memory card/s in it have a fault. Not likely though. Even with the age of the system.

    I can cut you a SSP set of diskettes from a backup of my system.

    However you still need 3 diskettes that should be with the system. They are the diag diskettes and base microcode. Do you have these. (I do not have them). when my system fails I will not be able to reload it unless the internal hard disk is still in
    good shape.

    I would be happy to send you the SSP backup if you could send me a copy of the diag diskettes.

    It is 14 years since this post so I am guessing you no longer have the system still but it is worth asking.


    Steve Kurlin

    I have a 5362 and have three disks marked "5362 R5.1 MCode" disk 01, 2 and 3. Are these the disks that you need? I obtained my 5362 from a physician and the computer runs medical clinic software. I would like to reload the system, omitting the clinical
    software. I do have the master login for the system and have ipl'd the system without problems. I have reconfigured the system to use a terminal console and a 4224 printer.

    If you would like a copy of the diskettes, please send me the correct method of copying the diskettes. I have blank Diskette 1s and Diskette 2Ds.

    At this point, I haven't a clue how to reload the system. I do have six diskettes marked "Preventive Service PTFS" with various differences on the IBM labels. I do not appear to have the actual SSP diskettes, as far as I can tell.

    If you will help me, I'll copy the three MCode disks for you. Then perhaps you can help me reload the system.

    Thank you,
    Martin Marshall

    I know this post is quite old, but I am also looking for SSP disks to reload on a 5362 that I have. Do you still have these disks?


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