• IBM owned Red Hat Enterprise Linux grounded Southwest Airlines flights,

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    When your code and your business is run by assholes from India.

    Southwest Airlines was hit with another system-wide computer
    outage on Tuesday, following similar issues Monday night.

    The airline asked the Federal Aviation Administration to ground
    all of its flights in the contiguous US airspace over technology

    In a statement to Insider, Southwest said it is working to get
    operations back up and running.

    "Southwest is in the process of resuming normal operations after
    a brief pause in our flight activity resulting from intermittent
    performance issues with our network connectivity Tuesday
    afternoon. Our Teams are working quickly to minimize flight
    disruptions and Customer impact," a spokesperson said.

    The airline canceled roughly 500 flights during the outage, the
    spokesperson said.

    Multiple US airports also released statements notifying
    travelers of the issues.

    "Southwest Airlines is experiencing another multi-airport,
    system-wide outage currently affecting their phone and check-in
    systems," according to Orange County's John Wayne Airport.

    The system outage comes after a similar issue delayed Southwest
    flights by hours on Monday night. Southwest had to ground all
    flights after a glitch meant that operators stopped receiving
    vital weather information. A company spokesperson told Insider
    at the time that its third-party weather data provider had
    "experienced intermittent performance issues."

    https://www.businessinsider.com/southwest-airlines-flight-delays- caused-by-computer-outage-2021-6

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