• I actually have some diskettes and would be interested in a swap

    From Richard Belcher@21:1/5 to Richard Belcher on Fri Feb 23 09:39:35 2018
    On Friday, June 18, 2010 at 11:38:17 AM UTC-7, Richard Belcher wrote:
    I ran across about 20 diskettes that I know are old backups that I had
    and two of them just happen to be the FUNLIB library. I have been
    trying to look around to see if there is someone that would be able to convert them, but the places I have talked two are kind of over priced
    for my budget. I currently have a iSeries and was trying to get my
    old software loaded.

    8" and I was able to get them loaded on my 9402-436 but FUNLIB was corrupt still trying to get it to load with no avail.

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