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    On Wednesday, March 10, 1999 at 12:00:00 AM UTC-8, josie wrote:
    Hi Shalom, and a very good post too.
    I have come back to apologise for an erraneous piece of info that I gave previously and which has been brought to my attention this evening by Martin S.
    Hi Martin,
    Nice to hear from you, and a nice friendly mail. Refreshing change, Martin. Now, the speed disk from Norton is much preferred to the Optimisation from TTP -
    the latter being EXTREMELY slow - although accurate in that both apps give exactly the same number of fragmentations.
    Am just going to check what I read in the TTP2 Manual about the floppy thing -
    BRB -
    Okay, once again I have been proved wrong - and all because of erraneous information from the TTP2 manual.
    I swear that this manual is an old one - on page 5 under the TechTool parts it
    says (about TachTool Pro app) - quote "this is the only element necessary to run
    the program, so if you wish to carry a copy on a floppy disk, this would be the
    only piece that you absolutely need".
    This info in the manual is very out of date, and I apologise for quoting from it.
    As you correctly mentioned Martin, the TTP2 app is indeed 3.5 Mb and so cannot
    fit onto a floppy, as is advised in the manual that comes with TTP2 - so I guess
    the answer is to have the TTP2 on a zip or other disk, and run the app from there.
    Actually, I have a boot zip disk with sys 8.1 on it - taks 70Mb and then I installed TTP2 onto there completely (not just the app) so am well prepared, in
    case of emergency!
    Do keep me informed of any stuff that is interesting on this subject, always good to hear from you.
    All Best Wishes,
    Josie Farmer
    PS - what is AMUG? I am chairperson of CMUG - http://www.netcomuk.co.uk/~cumbmac
    "Martin S. Zibulsky" wrote:
    Josie Farmer wrote:
    The workaround for all of this is to use TTP from the CD - and drag the TTP
    application onto a floppy disk then throw the TTP application on the hard disk
    into the trash.

    That way you could use TTP from either the CD or floppy, because all of the
    CDEVs are already installed into your System Folder.

    Hi Josie:

    Great idea! I run Norton's Disk Doctor 3.5.2, also Speed Disk 3.5.2 that way, from a startup floppies I made...for the same reasons. Will probably do same when NUM 4.0.3 CD arrives here next week...if I can get the necessary ingredients to fit on the floppies. Speed disk, no problem, but the Doctor is questionable.

    I already have Techtool Pro 2x on a couple startup Zip Disks and a
    Syquest Startup Cartridge. Your post reminded me to do so, or check that
    it was previously done.
    However, this leads to my question on the other part of your idea. How
    does one get TechTool Pro 2x application to fit (uncompressed) and
    operate from a floppy, when the application itself is 3.5 mb???

    Martin Zibulsky
    Shalom Avital wrote:
    I second the motion: I've *never* tried to use TTP2 from the same drive that has to be treated. I keep TTP2 on a startup ZIP disk, and use it periodically or as required with a desktop PM6500 or a PB G3 Series.
    I've never had the slightest problem.
    For me, the advantage of running TTP2 from the startup ZIP disk, is that the same ZIP contains other utilities why I might want to use. The ZIP
    also serves as an emergency statup disk.

    josie wrote:

    I know Jeff Baudin and he knows what he's talking about.

    I have recently completed tests on the efficiency of both TechTool Pro
    v2 and Norton Utilities v 4.

    What TechTool Pro does that Norton does not do is this:

    TTP analyses the internal structure of the Desktop database file for consistency and correctness whereas Norton does not.

    The DDB is at the base of the Finder's functionality, and that is what
    it uses to construct the Desktop display and functionality of the desktop.

    The only thing that I regret about TechTool Pro is that I believe the error lies in one basic fact:

    Any repairs to the Finder MUST be done from another drive - other than the hard disk.

    You cannot repair the Finder on the drive that you're running from -
    and herein lies the bug, and it is a bug because we are led to believe that we can fix the Finder using TTP launched from the drive where the problem exists i.e. the hard disk.

    The bug is that TTP allows the user access to functionality that shouldn't be allowed, because it's not going to work, because you have
    to issue that command from another drive - in other words, that
    command should be greyed out.

    The workaround for all of this is to use TTP from the CD - and to drag the TTP application onto a floppy disk then throw the TTP application
    on the hard disk into the Trash.

    That way, you could use TTP from either the CD or floppy, because all
    of the other CDEVs are already installed into your System Folder.

    TechTool Pro is a brilliant utility for the Mac, that's why it gets
    such a high rating - maybe the company will issue a statement about
    not running the app from the hard disk, soon - or eliminate the application installed to the hard disk altogether (just the CDEVs, Techtool protection extension etc installed), and include a floppy
    disk as part of the product package. That way none of these problems would happen.

    The user manual could also have updated screen grabs that include "Optimisation" in the list under "Expert User" - Optimisation is not addressed in the manual at all - and just one or two pages on the
    Basic Interface would have been nice, too.

    Run TechTool Pro from the CD and you should be okay.


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    Dan Hopper wrote:

    I reported a similar problem in this forum a few weeks ago. I
    TT Pro. Will not use it again. Have switched back to Norton.
    Dan H.

    Gerry wrote:

    In article <7bmodk$mp9$1...@jupiter.planetcable.net>, David Bowers <dwbo...@planetcable.net> wrote:

    I spent a while on the phone with Jeff Baudin, a Micromat
    manager, who
    essentially told me that this could not happen with TechTool
    My drive has never given me any trouble, I have never
    reformatted it and I
    have run Disk First Aid on a regular basis it make sure it was
    OK. This
    series of events has left me dumbfounded. How could such a
    highly rated
    program create such damage and how could the company that
    produced it not
    have a clue as to why it happened? I know I will never run
    TechTool's drive
    tests on my machine again!

    Jeff says this could not be a result of using TechTool. Was is
    rationale for thinking he is wrong?

    \\\--- Gerry
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