• Re: iOS 17.1 makes keyboard snappier and fixes bug that could cause ima

    From Wally J@21:1/5 to Alan Browne on Wed Oct 18 17:21:44 2023
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    Alan Browne <bitbucket@blackhole.com> wrote

    When it comes to new features, iOS 17.1 will allow users to finish
    sending files via AirDrop using the internet connection when you or the
    other person leaves AirDrop's range. The file will be silently uploaded
    to Apple˘s servers and then downloaded to the other person's device.

    Damn it Apple! Stop showing off the smooth integration in the Apple eco-system!
    It's embarrassing for the others!

    I wonder if Alan Browne realizes _how_ Apple attains that "smooth
    integration" (which, pssst... comes at the expense of 24/7 tracking).

    It's a tradeoff.

    Nothing you like about the walled garden works unless you're logged into Apple's mothership tracking servers every second of every moment of your

    If you're willing to pay that price - then you & Apple are a perfect match.

    I tried _not_ constantly logging into Apple's mothership tracking servers.

    Guess what happened!
    <https://i.postimg.cc/LXzB3Lc0/appleid01.jpg> Apple _forces_ a log in!
    <https://i.postimg.cc/8k3GQyj4/appleid09.jpg> Apple tracks your activity
    <https://i.postimg.cc/hhFNJ5mq/appleid010.jpg> Apps become non functional
    <https://i.postimg.cc/nrFHSvby/appleid11.jpg> Apple _forces_ extra logins!
    <https://i.postimg.cc/Y9kkj19v/appleid12.jpg> Apple tracking server login

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