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    Microsoft claims Apple said no due to pressure by Google.

    Sensible logic implies otherwise... as Apple isn't the type of
    company to
    succumb to "pressure" (as even Meta couldn't sway Apple, for example).

    If you read any article about Apple's incestuous relationship with
    (and vice versa), the word "lucrative" shows up tellingly.

    Given that Google is Apple's biggest customer (as far as I remember),
    that Apple sold its users' privacy to Google (who is Apple's biggest
    customer), I'd say that greed was the reason and not "pressure" by M$.

    This is not to say Microsoft isn't greedy (they are), nor is it to
    say that
    Google isn't as greedy as is Apple (they are too); but just that Apple's >>> reasons likely had more to do with how much they made from the Google

    According to what I’ve seen here Apple has the purest of intentions,
    lies, values your privacy, makes the best hardware and software, and
    capitalism. How could you equate Apple to Google and Microsoft? Your Name
    will have a conniption!

    Try not to be an ass...

    ...well, that ship's long-since sailed.

    Try not to be as big an ass as Arlen.

    Not sure what sucks more ... Being troll Arlen, or his little
    supporting yappy chihuahua "badgolferman"?

    And on the "pressing I need to know scale of 1 .. 10",
    this is about -1000.

    And only because I'm tired of the 0 key.

    Apple is a for-profit company that believes there is value in selling physical products and letting its customers know they aren't in the
    business of selling their data.

    I can go into Safari and change my default search from Google...

    ...to Yahoo...

    ...to Bing...

    ...to DuckDuckGo...

    ...to Ecosia.

    As the tip of the iceberg.

    Another thing ... I can use Apple Mail with most any e-mail service that
    I want on Mac/iOS/iPad OS...

    Sorry, not 'any' of them, but as _many_ of them as I need or want.

    “Markets can remain irrational longer than your can remain solvent.”
    - John Maynard Keynes.

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