• Re: Ming-Chi Kuo explains the iPhone 15 overheating design flaws

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    On 9/27/23 21:42, Jolly Roger wrote:
    Apparently, some people don't understand the difference between C and

    It's mostly just Arlen and candycanearter07.

    I know the difference...

    Fact is...
    1. The uneducated low-IQ ignorant child-like iKooks brought up Celsius.
    2. It's they who don't know the difference - not the actual adults here.
    2. Because these religious iKooks are _desperate_ to deflect the subject.

    This thread is not about bath water - no matter how _desperately_ the uneducated low-IQ child-like ignorant religious iKooks want to make it so.

    *The subject is what will Apple do to make iPhone 15 customers whole?*
    *Specifically, will Apple (finally) do the decent thing this time?*

    a. Recall.
    b. Fix.
    c. Replace.

    Doing the decent thing (for once) has got to be cheaper than the billion dollars it cost Apple last time losing many civil & criminal court cases.

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