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    On 2023-07-14, Alan <nuh-uh@nope.com> wrote:
    On 2023-07-13 20:08, Wally J wrote:
    You're Kidding <yk@yahoo.com> wrote

    I say "bull crap". If you believe that, you also believe the tooth
    fairy and Santa Clause is real. Most Android users don't know any
    more or care about how it works than iPhone users.

    Two completely different buyer mindsets.

    First off, you have to understand that people who buy the iPhone are
    like people who buy a fancy car just because they feel it's fancy to

    I don't know if my car is "fancy" or not...

    (2012 BMW 135i)

    ...but I like it because of what it DOES...

    ...not because of anything anyone else feels about it.

    Arlen can't imagine a world where people buy things because they
    actually do things they want them to do, because he projects his own
    shitty feelings onto everyone else, and his only reason for buying
    anything is to feel "superior" to them. 😉 It literally drives him,
    which is why he spends literal hours every day insulting and belittling complete strangers how dare to use Apple products. He's a sad excuse of
    a human being.

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