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    From Andy Burnelli@21:1/5 to Joel on Sun Apr 2 18:55:41 2023
    Joel wrote:

    While I don't like installing net framework any more than anyone else, if
    you want a free Windows Photoshop replacement app that it both _easy_ and
    quite functional (in terms of what you do most), you can't beat this app.
    <https://github.com/paintdotnet/release/releases> current version 5.03

    Many thanks, I didn't know about this app, I have installed it, and
    will give it a try next time I need an image editor.

    Hi Joel,

    Wow. I'm impressed. You actually installed the free Photoshop replacement!
    <https://github.com/paintdotnet/release/releases> current version 5.03

    As an aside, I see Microsoft upped the price of that _free_ Photoshop replacement from $8 (last I had checked) to $10 (which is kind of funny).

    Most people (a) don't install any of the suggested apps (usually because they're scared) & (b) don't follow up with the lurkers so that all benefit.

    Many thanks to you for owning & displaying courteous Usenet manners.

    While I have installed _every_ free image/photo editor ever suggested on
    the Windows and digital photo newsgroups (which I've been on for decades),
    I mostly use a combination of two tools, on Windows, for managing photos,
    where you'll note that Irfanview is always the first program to use because
    of its speed & versatility, particularly of Irfanview batch commands, and
    it's ability to easily crop, resize, and (with the Paint plugin) angle.

    That free Photoshop replacement tool, Paint.NET, has been around for
    decades, so it too has plenty of plugins, but I don't normally use them.

    The _three_ things most image editors make too hard though, are the three things that Paint.NET gets right, which makes it the go-to tool for them.
    1. Crop and size the screenshot
    2. Text the screenshot (with and without underlying white space)
    3. Easily circle and arrow as needed to highlight sections

    Bearing in mind _every_ image/photo editor can list those features, what
    this free Photoshop replacement tools does that is different is it makes
    those tasks (and many others) super easy to do - which is what matters.

    Try, for example, those three things in Irfanview, and while the
    "automatic" cropping in Irfanview (control+y and control+shift+y) is
    stellar, the constrained (pick a certain point to start & end) is not.

    The texting and arrowing and circling in Irfanvew (or The GIMP for that matter), is literally atrocious compared to how easy it is to do those
    common things in the Photoshop freeware that I had pointed you to today.

    Please do let the rest of us know how it goes for you, whether good or bad, because what I care about it to learn from others, and to help others, and, when an Apple newsgroup is involved, to show the iKooks for what they are.
    Posted out of the goodness of my heart to disseminate useful information
    which, in this case, is to thank Joel for testing out Paint.NET freeware.

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