• Re: nospam I want to know what apps you've written

    From Andy Burnelli@21:1/5 to nospam on Sun Apr 2 02:18:26 2023
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    nospam wrote:

    We're also doing a lot of IOT from
    mobile devices and we have to use Android for that, way too complex to
    deal with the whole iOS App system.

    rubbish. iot development (which you've clearly never done) is easier on
    ios because of excellent homekit, matter and thread support.

    *It's clear that nospam is lying when he "claims" to be a developer*

    Hehhehheh... these iKooks never stop their brazen lies about everything.

    All I've ever wirtten in terms of coding smartphone apps is I wrote a dozen "hello world" style step-by-step tutorials for Windows/Android...
    *Tutorial: My first "hello world" using Android Studio on Windows *


    And yet as trivially simple as those dozen complete tutorials are, that's a dozen more apps than nospam has ever written and published in his life.
    *nospam I want to know what apps you've written*


    It was clear from that alone, plus thousands of incorrect statemens about coding from nospam, that nospam has never written code in his entire life.

    This... is nospam... where he uses his lies to break out of his world...

    All the iKooks live in a fantasy world, where nospam is a brazen liar about
    his coding skills... which... let's face it, if he had _any_ coding
    experience, he wouldn't have been wrong _hundreds_ of times when you ask
    him if there are apps on the app store that "do stuff" such as, oh, let's
    pick graphical wi-fi debugging - where nospam didn't know the difference between a megabit and a decibel.
    *It's a fact iOS devices can't even graph Wi-Fi signal strength over time*


    There is zero chance nospam has written a single app in his entire life.
    He wouldn't be so dead wrong so many times on his claims had he done so.
    The iKooks all live in a fantasy world devoid of personal shame for their
    lies which they propagate like there is no tomorrow sans a single fact.

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