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    So, until Claris fixes the bug, I'll be here, telling everyone about the problem - for FREE. (That's right, I don't charge for advice about bad software and companies that do not provide customer support.)
    I'm not having the problem that Larry is so selflessly willing to share
    with the world over and over and over again. I've been told it may be
    because I tend to start CW first, because it has to do with a range of addresses, rather than simply memory size. (On the other hand, I don't
    recal having the problem when Photoshop starts first, sucking up the fist 64MB of RAM...)
    It would be interesting and useful if people would try to chanacterize the problem and help each other, rather than simply bad-mouthing the vendor.
    I've put both of Larry's addresses in my kill file, so I won't be replying directly any longer. Besides, I have real work to do, and I can't take as much time cheering for CW as he spends putting it down.
    Repeat: I have 144MB of RAM on a 9500/120, and I do not experience this problem that Larry seems to characterize as a show stopper. The one time I called Claris support, they were courteous and supplied me with a good answer. Unlike Larry, I encourage everyone I know who has a Mac or PC to consider using ClarisWorks, which I feel is a fine example of the way software should work.
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    On Friday, September 27, 1996 at 12:00:00 AM UTC-7, Jim Spelman wrote:
    cbi...@ix.netcom.com,Internet writes:
    I have heard that Clarisworks 4.0 (I have 4.0v4) doesn't do well with
    more than 32 MB RAM. I want to upgrade my 7600/16 to 64 RAM but wanted
    to check this out first. And speaking of RAM, can anyone tell me how to adjust the memory allocation for the GX printing feature? I have both desktop printer and fax in use. Thanks! Jane
    To date, these are the details related to the Error Type 11 situation:
    "If you have 48 Mb or more of free memory (RAM) on your computer when ClarisWorks launches, it will usually crash when trying to close a file. In some cases, the problem only occurs in documents of certain types, or only in documents containing headers. This is true for all Macintosh and compatible model machines, including Power-PC- and 680x0-based CPUs. The amount of free memory may be the result of either physical RAM, virtual memory (including such utilities as RAM Doubler), or both.
    The ClarisWorks engineering team is aware of and aggressively working on this problem. At the current time, the only solution is to configure your system so that there is less than 48 Mb of free RAM when ClarisWorks starts up. This can be accomplished by launching other programs prior to starting ClarisWorks (and increasing the memory allocation of these programs if necessary). You can quit these other applications once ClarisWorks is running, but will have to relaunch them prior to any relaunch of ClarisWorks. A more efficient solution may be to create a RAM disk on your system to take up the free RAM."
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