• Re: Why does nospam NOT say "nobody wants it" nor that "nobody needs it

    From Andy Burnelli@21:1/5 to Jolly Roger on Fri Mar 17 00:13:00 2023
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    Jolly Roger wrote:

    via ftp and smb, with a server component *added* to the android device.

    except that smb uses a protected port that is not available on android
    but *is* available on ios.



    The _adults_ on this newsgroup will note that while I've tested every free method ever suggested for copying files between iOS/Android & Windows, I
    have _never_ suggested people use either SMB or FTP for something as
    trivially easy on Android as copying files both ways to & from devices.

    The fact you iKooks have to _fabricate_ that imaginary strawman is proof
    that you _hate_ how crippled Apple products are outside the walled garden.

    Q: What does it prove that the iKooks fabricated that imaginary strawman?
    a. That the iKooks are fantastically ignorant, or,
    b. That iKooks don't own adult cognitive skills, or,
    c. That iKooks hate that on Android, copying files just works, or,
    d. All of the above.
    Hint: Choose D.

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