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    blah blah blah blah

    Arlen is so TRIGGERED by the fact that Apple just released a security
    update for iOS 12 which runs on iPhones that are TEN years old, he is spamming this all over the place in the Apple news groups repeatedly
    during the past couple days. Apple lives in Arlen's tortured, demented
    head 24/7 - it's all he can think about... LOL! : D

    Apple is the deity of computers, and anyone who disagrees is either ignorant
    or demonic.

    No, I'm not even kidding. Well ok, a little. If you don't care about
    fancy schmanzy GUIs, Solaris is a way better OS, at least on SPARC; but that's expensive, so nobody wants it anymore. :-(

    (I'm pissed that NFSv4 still doesn't work right on macOS; if I play
    a movie with Movist when the file is mounted via NFSv4, it will hang after
    not very long, while it works fine with NFSv3. I suspect mishandling of
    mmap() or something like that. Too bad, with a server that supports
    NFSv4 named attributes, macOS uses them rather than creating ._* files. And
    of course I get crazy long uptimes with Solaris that macOS can't match...well, maybe it could with ECC RAM etc.)

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