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    nospam wrote:

    good people have provided the relevant links.

    And yet, _you_ never have.

    smart people can find the links with a simple search.

    And yet, _you_ have not.

    you deliberately ignore the former and are incapable of the latter,
    only so you can pretend it can't be done and rant.

    And yet, I've done it and you can't.

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    You _never_ need USB cable ever again!

    This is a PSA update to this thread which was solved a while ago,
    but where I've been using it daily and have a couple of improvements.
    <https://i.postimg.cc/k5gv0yw8/vysor34.jpg> Apple iOS & Android mirroring

    The first improvement is huge, which is that Android 12 (maybe Android 11?)
    has the hidden Developer option for "Wireless debugging" which eliminates completely the need for a USB cable to connect to Windows.
    <https://i.postimg.cc/SRRXtvKh/adb16.jpg> Android 12 Wireless Debugging

    You can keep the phone in your pocket or on your desk, or better yet,
    on your wired or wireless charger, and you'll _never_ need that USB
    cable ever again to interface with Windows in any way you'd like to.
    <https://i.postimg.cc/wvsbcNBz/scrcpy05.jpg> Drag APK from Windows

    That is, without ever needing USB...
    1. You can mirror Android/iOS over the random-assigned port
    <https://i.postimg.cc/TYvqdxCT/vysor35.jpg> iOS & Android PC mirroring
    2. And you can mount the Android phone as a drive letter
    <https://i.postimg.cc/BvJdKWzt/webdav06.jpg> Android as a drive letter
    3. WITHOUT needing to run any adb-pairing steps
    <https://i.postimg.cc/SRRXtvKh/adb16.jpg> Android 12 Wireless Pairing

    The tools I've been using for a few months to mirror over Wi-Fi are:
    a. Vysor (I use this daily, as scrcpy is flakier than is Vysor for me)
    b. Scrcpy (I use this when I need better resolution than Vysor gives me)
    <https://i.postimg.cc/rmBHmvtV/adb18.jpg> Windows adb vysor & scrcpy

    And the tools I use for mounting Android as a drive letter are:
    a. WebDAV (I use this daily to mount the _entire_ phone as two drives
    b. FTPUse (I don't use it though as it's flakier than WebDAV for me)

    Notice a few details which take time to figure out:
    A. Android 12 has a secret hidden Wireless debugging pulldown tile
    <https://i.postimg.cc/qRhkhTwV/adb21.jpg> Hidden Wireless-debugging tile
    B. Using that tile, Vysor will AUTOMATICALLY figure out the random port!
    (Phone) Turn on Wi-Fi
    (Phone) Connect to a Wi-Fi AP
    (Phone) Turn 'Developer options' 'Wireless debugging = on'
    (Phone) Tap "Allow" if it asks to
    "Allow wireless debugging on this network?"
    Which will be for a specific SSID & (usually random) BSSID.
    (PC) C:\> vysor.exe (and then press on the red arrow)
    That connects you to adb over the random port on Wi-Fi
    without needing to run the new Android 12 adb pairing commands!
    <https://i.postimg.cc/ZK9B82gP/adb15.jpg> adb pair [IP][Port] [code]
    C. This Windows command tells you which random port adb is using:
    C:\> netstat -ano -p tcp | findstr ""
    D. That random port is IMPORTANT to put in the scrcpy batch file
    that Herbert kindly wrote which enables the console to be killed.
    (see batch file in the sig)
    E. Of course, you can get that random port from the phone itself
    (but Vysor automatically figures it out - but scrcpy does not
    figure out that randomly assigned port, as far as I know).
    F: Vysor will also automatically install Vysor on Android temporarily!
    <https://i.postimg.cc/Njg6Xx3V/vysor33.jpg> Preparing Vysor on device
    G: If the adb connection gets confused (it sometimes happens):
    (PC) C:\> adb kill-server
    (PC) C:\> vysor.exe (and then press on the red arrow after about 30 seconds)
    Note Vysor is magical in figuring out what port adb is using!
    H. The free vysor.exe is lower resolution than the free scrcpy.exe
    <https://i.postimg.cc/CLyK8z9v/adb20.jpg> Both vysor & scrcpy use adb
    I. You need _two_ WebDAV servers to mount the internal & external sdcards
    <https://i.postimg.cc/BvJdKWzt/webdav06.jpg> Android as a drive letter
    sdcard0 (Using "WebDav Server" as the free WebDAV server on Android)
    C:\> net use Y: \\\DavWWWRoot /USER:foo bar
    *WebDAV Server - BestDAV" by ZQ Software
    Free, no ads, no GSF, rated 3.4, 100+ reviews, 10K+ downloads
    Pro: Works well, no ads, no gsf, autostarts upon reboot
    Con: Slightly harder to set up as it requires full paths

    sdcard1 (Using "Olive Tree" as the free WebDAV server on Android)
    C:\> net use Z: \\\DavWWWRoot /USER:foo bar
    *WebDAV Server* by The Olive Tree
    Free, has ads, requires GSF, rated 3.5, 800+ reviews, 100K+ downloads

    Pro: Works well, slightly easier to set up
    Con: ads, gsf, and won't autostart on reboot

    In summary, above are some hints as a kind-hearted PSA to help all
    of those who helped everyone write the batch code in this thread!

    I always strive to pay back for all the help that I received from you!
    @echo off

    cd /d "c:\app\editor\android\scrcpy"
    certutil -f -decode %~f0 showwin.exe>nul
    REM Port 5555 was needed when you established adb connections over USB
    REM And then you disconnected the USB cable to subsequently work on Wi-Fi
    REM But as of Android 11 or 12, you can establish the connection over Wi-Fi
    REM But that "Developer option" "Wireless debugging" port is random!
    REM So you have to get it on Android or on Windows to know what it is

    REM You can get the current assigned port from the following command
    REM c:\> netstat -ano -p tcp | findstr ""

    REM adb connect
    adb connect

    :: now we hide console window
    showwin.exe 0

    REM scrcpy --always-on-top --tcpip=
    scrcpy --always-on-top --tcpip=

    :: after scrcpy is closed we show console window again
    showwin.exe 5

    del showwin.exe
    goto :eof

    -----END CERTIFICATE-----

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