• Re: Apple appears to have "failed" in its internal development of a 5G

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    nospam wrote:

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    that the iPhones with Intel modems were always _slower_ than the iPhones
    with the Qualcomm modems (until Apple secretly throttled them anyway).

    that is false.

    the *maximum* speed was slightly lower, however, it's not anything
    anyone would ever reach in normal (or even not so normal) use.

    in other words, there was no noticeable difference.

    I was explaining to Bob Campbell facts about iPhone modems that Steve was
    aware of but which most of you ignorant low-IQ iKooks are NOT aware of.

    All I was saying is that Bob Campbell was not only completely blissfully clueless what was happening for years with the affected iPhones, but that
    he _thought_ he knew something about modems (and yet, he knew nothing).

    Uneducated low-IQ iKooks like he is only know what Apple has feeds them.
    And Apple never feeds them any bad propaganda about Apple products.

    Which is why the iKooks prove to not own basic adult comprehensive skills (i.e., Lewis, Alan Baker, Alan Browne, Chris, JR, Hemidactylus, et. al).

    Of all the iKooks, you, nospam, are the least ignorant, so you're aware of
    what all the rest of the iKooks are completely ignorant of, which is what
    Steve was referring to.

    I was just pointing that fact out that the low-IQ iKooks are supremely
    ignorant of almost every fact about Apple products that Apple didn't feed
    them, but, as in the case of Bob Campbell, it's no longer shocking that
    these uneducated iKooks are vastly too stupid to realize that fact.


    I assess your IQ at not too far below normal (which is saying a lot a
    low-IQ iKook by the way); so it's expected that you'd be aware of what
    Steve was talking about (even as Bob Campbell proved to be ignorant of it).
    I only have two goals on this Apple iOS ng, which obviously are these:
    a. To (learn from &) help people (as I do on _all_ the OS newsgroups), &,
    b. To (understand &) prove what the low-IQ uneducated iKooks really are.

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