• Re: Google an Apple to remove 1.5M apps

    From Andy Burnelli@21:1/5 to badgolferman on Sun May 15 20:53:37 2022
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    badgolferman wrote:

    These are considered
    abandoned apps that have not been updated for more than two years.

    Hi badgolferman,

    From one actual adult to another...

    In the case of Apple, that statement above was proven to be bullshit.
    The iKooks don't have the mental capacity to understand why.

    But normal adults should have the ability to comprehend the details.

    The fact is Apple's removal had (almost) _nothing_ whatsoever to do with "abandoned apps", per se.

    Apple never tells the truth - but in this case - they were force to admit
    it in a followup to what Apple _tried_ to lie about was their rationale.

    The truth, as always with Apple sleazebags, is in what Apple actually did,
    not in what Apple _says_ they would have done - but which they didn't do.

    I already posted on the gory details, so I'm just cluing you in.
    Anyone who believes what Apple says without looking at what Apple does...
    ... is an idiot ...

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