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    Given we're mostly old & grizzled kind-hearted people being purposefully helpful by adding value to the gift of the body of the message (where the iKooks only care about the wrapping paper - the meaningless nntp headers are soooo preeety to ikooks!). The iKooks don't realize the value is in the
    body, but the iKooks always prove this to be the case:

    A. The iKooks have low IQ, low self esteem, and no education
    B. Hence, they form entirely imaginary belief systems about everything
    C. Typically it's Apple products - but here - it's immunogenic drugs.

    They're extremely confident in their almost total & complete ignorance.
    (E.g., iKooks have absolutely no idea how _crippled_ Apple products are.)

    Nonetheless, instead of dealing with the wrapping paper that the iKooks love
    so much, moving on, as Usenet is water under the bridge, here is the gift.

    Here's another bit of purposefully helpful detailed kind-hearted advice for
    the Usenet volunteer team, which is that most of the Android graphical Wi-Fi and Signal Strength tools _require_ the GPS receiver radio to be turned on, which you don't need for the tool, but for a Google requirement (let's not
    go into why Google requires GPS as it's easy to prevent if you know how).
    <https://i.postimg.cc/4xgmTTgm/wifi01.jpg> graphical radio debuggers

    To save others time, and bearing in mind I only suggest the best and most
    often downloaded and the highest rated free ad-free usually gsf-free always google-free tools in the extensive Android APK arsenal in order to maintain
    all my tutorials at the level that anyone can install them at this instant, here is a link to just one of the many Wi-Fi and Cellular debuggers I use.
    *Cellular-Z* by JerseyHo, 4.0, 1,700 reviews, 100K+ installs, etc.

    But I should note there are _plenty_ of graphical debuggers I use daily.
    <https://i.postimg.cc/Hn05bQwG/wifi02.jpg> Variety of graphical debuggers

    Although it should be noted, for privacy reasons, I don't use a Google
    Google Play client, but an open source Google Play client which scrapes the exact same repo as does Google Play (and which doesn't require a login on
    the device which is a critical privacy feature iOS completely lacks).

    Given privacy is _always_ a concern, on Android the free ad-free mock
    location app I prefer is the one below which Android settings accept.
    *Fake GPS location* by Lexa, 4.6 out of 500K reviews, 10M+ downloads

    Which, coincidentally, has the option to "spoof the Wi-Fi provider".
    <https://i.postimg.cc/pdf8prL4/screenshot03.jpg> Spoof Wi-Fi Provider
    If you're on iOS, tough luck (again), as iOS lacks this kind of privacy.

    Moving forward, the next thing you might want is a text-to-speech converter that saves _directly_ to a wav file suitable for the notification channel
    (or for the alarm channel, which isn't muted when the phone is silenced).
    *Tell Me - Text To Speech* by Simply Complex Apps, 4.1, 500K+ installs

    Once you have the notification (or alarm) wav file saved, then you need an
    app that will speak when you lose (or regain) your cellular connection.
    *Cellular Connection Monitor* by Pavel Borzenkov, 4.0, 10K+ installs, etc.

    Of all the apps I tested, that wasn't perfect, but it was the best, and to their credit, Steve and micky tested it and found it to work as advertised.
    <https://i.postimg.cc/Njw312j1/lostsignal01.jpg> Testing alert apps
    <https://i.postimg.cc/x1Y5Tv6L/lostsignal02.jpg> Play Store client ratings
    <https://i.postimg.cc/8zRjbV12/lostsignal03.jpg> Custom verbal alert

    When you have that set up, you might want to add a shortcut to a widget
    (yes, I said a shortcut to a widget) that will connect and disconnect from
    any of your many access points at a single touch of a button.

    I have this need more than do most people because not only do I have many access points sprinkled about my home and property such as these below.
    <https://i.postimg.cc/YqTk0q1T/ap.jpg> Cellular repeater & home Wi-Fi APs

    But I also have my SOHO routers set up to NOT broadcast the SSID to protect
    my gps location and unique BSSIDs from being uploaded to Google & Mozilla
    and Kismet (et. al) public databases (and no, "_nomap" doesn't do that).

    Doing that isn't for security but for privacy, but then you _also_ have to
    set up each device to _not_ automatically try to reconnect when the signal
    is lost, which means that having a shortcut icon to connect & disconnect is
    a really nice click-saving feature given my devices are set for privacy.

    Given I am extremely well organized on a computer or phone as shown here:
    <https://i.postimg.cc/7LmRqXNn/organize01.jpg> Android organization
    <https://i.postimg.cc/bN7bp2Bf/organize02.jpg> Windows organization

    You'll notice there is one homescreen page (ever!) on any device, even iPads
    <https://i.postimg.cc/LXzB3Lc0/appleid01.jpg> One home screen
    (Note it's impossible to set up an iOS homescreen the way you want to!)

    For this reason, I didn't want AP on/off widgets that wouldn't slide _into_
    a homescreen folder, which is what this neat free app allows you to create:
    *Wifi Shortcuts+* by OpenGait.NET 3.8, 10K+ downloads, free, ad-free, etc.
    Every Usenet post should strive to add value in the body (not the headers).

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