• Re: If Apple can permanently lock your hardware for not logging into it

    From Andy Burnelli@21:1/5 to nospam on Sun Feb 27 16:03:52 2022
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    nospam wrote:

    Apple can and does disable your device for any reason Apple chooses.

    no they very definitely do not, nor can they.

    Adults will notice iKooks brazenly deny all that they _hate_ about Apple.

    Even facts Apple itself doesn't deny (Apple does it all day, every day).

    One has to ask _why_ iKooks don't know _anything_ about their beloved Apple?
    a. All iKooks are uneducated (none have a college degree - not even one!)
    b. All iKooks are of low IQ (you can tell by their lack of comprehension)
    c. And yet, iKooks are incredibly confident in their almost total ignorance.

    The fact is that Apple can and does unilaterally disable your iOS device.

    The iKooks brazenly outright deny all facts that they _hate_ about Apple. They're like a fifth-grade ignorant bully told Santa Claus isn't real.
    My point isn't that iKooks are undeducated or that they're of low IQ, but _because_ they're those things, they own strong imaginary belief systems.

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