• Re: (OT) What makes some people iKooks anyway?

    From Andy Burnelli@21:1/5 to Zaghadka on Thu Feb 24 19:38:25 2022
    Zaghadka wrote:

    Arlen, why the hell did you nym shift anyway? I actually enjoy your posts
    and had to put on another watch filter for you.


    May I be candid with you?
    1. Either apologize to me for you being incredibly against privacy, or
    2. Plonk me if you don't think I always strive to provide unique value.
    3. But don't reply to my posts implying that you are an utter genius.

    Just don't.
    It's insulting to me I have to stoop all the way down to your level.
    Where you have all the experience; so this is my LAST response to you here.

    People like you frustrate me because you're too stupid to learn anything.
    I'm extremely well educated, and, having worked at Silicon Valley startups
    for decades, I hang around extremely smart people - clearly unlike you do.

    People like you wouldn't last a single week in grad school.
    You're too stupid to last even a single day at a high-tech startup, Zag.

    I _know_ you're completely uneducated & stupid by what you just wrote.
    I'm of at least average intelligence and yet - you clearly are not.

    What you just did is what all the fantastically stupid morons always do.
    *You proclaim you're a genius for having figured out what was never hidden*

    Besides, why do you deplore privacy?
    More importantly, why do you enjoy the wrapping paper & not the gift inside?

    I consider people like you to be idiots, but allow me to explain why.
    a. I am well versed in Usenet & I know that robotic bots _do_ exist.
    b. I post with inherent value even as I decry the iKooks who don't.
    c. I am not hiding from _you_ (which is why I call you an idiot).

    I'm blunt.
    You never have to waste time wondering what I think of you.
    *If it takes you more than seconds to figure out my posts, you're an idiot*

    People like you:
    A. Actually believe the value of a gift is in the meaningless wrapping paper
    B. Which is proven by the fact all their post are about the wrapping paper
    C. Even as the only line in the wrapping that has meaning is the SUBJECT

    Worse, really, which proves people like you are utter idiots, is...
    1. I change the headers randomly (roughtly about once a year or so).
    2. For privacy reason (to hide from aggregators - but not from people).
    3. I post the _same_ screenshots, same words, same attention to detail, etc.

    *Those who claim they "figured it out" after a thousand posts, are idiots*. Even if my text wasn't hiding who I am, my screenshots certainly are not!
    <https://i.postimg.cc/D0J1tgDZ/windows-tweak.jpg >

    Given how well I organize my computers, who else posts hundreds of
    screenshots of Windows computers that are the _same_ from 95 to xp to win10?

    For God's sake, how _stupid_ must you be to not see what isn't hidden?
    For two decades, those screenshots have been exactly the _same_ style.

    Even the obvious *naming conventions* have never changed in decades!

    Who else ever posted menus of Windows XP that _match_ that of Windows 10?
    Those actual menu files (yes, the files!) copy over & work on Windows 10!

    And who else posts thousands of screenshots of Android phones like this?

    And who even posts scores of screenshots of iOS devices set up like this?

    On and on, who post detailed screenshots of Linux, like I do like this?
    (BTW, who else seamlessly ties Apple crap to Windows & Linux like I do?)

    On and on, who posts detailed screenshots of wifi to electronics groups?

    And would I be posting pictures of my own _home_ to home-repair groups?

    For Christ's sake Zaghadka... ignorant people like you are irk me to no end.

    Assuming you're not actually a moron, Zaghadka... ask yourself this please:
    *If I was hiding from you - would I be posting those same screenshots?*

    HINT: The gift is in the body of the message; not in the meaningless header.
    If you are too stupid to recognize that fact, then you should plonk me now. Becase I'm not going to stop providing value even if the wrapping changes.
    The only meaningful header line is the SUBJECT line, which you should know.

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  • From Andy Burnelli@21:1/5 to Zaghadka on Thu Feb 24 21:45:04 2022
    Zaghadka wrote:

    Did you get stalked/attacked? If you don't wish to share, it's

    How are you _not_ aware of the serious death threats against me, Zaghadka?

    One of the iKooks even provided his _real_ email address solitictating them.
    I reported it to the FBI and they seemed to take it more seriously than you.

    I consider death threats against me very serious indeed, and that's only the start of it (even nospam issued a death threat but he later recanted it).
    *Facts: Adults need to read this threat thread by "Rod Speed" today*

    Before you claim you didn't see it, I posted it to all the ngs I frequent, where I changed the headers the instant I reported the threats to the FBI.

    I also reported nospam's death threats but the FBI said they weren't as credible as those above which provided credible & real contact information.

    Even without the death threats from the iKooks (simply for having been
    proven wrong, mind you), I've always advocated privacy on the Internet.

    How could you possibly _miss_ that I care about privacy for the common man?

    I didn't need the volume of information you just presented, and I'm sorry
    if what I did was a threat to your privacy. I didn't feel you were hiding from me.

    You completely misunderstood my post, even _with_ the volume of details.
    Let me put it bluntly, again, so that you can understand basic logic.
    a. I'm not hiding from _you_ (else I wouldn't post the same screenshots!)
    b. I want privacy from the bots that can and do harvest headers.

    BTW, almost everytyhing I post, from my many tutorials to my threads cover
    a. Tools & techniques for privacy
    b. Tools & techniques for cross platform functionality & organization
    c. Tutorials to help others gain privacy or cross-platform functionality

    For example, how many tutorials have _you_ written Zaghadka versus me?
    ANd how many tutorials have the iKooks (in toto) written.

    Exact same number of tutorials for you & all the iKooks combined, right?
    Just one tutorial of mine alone dwarfs the entire iKook output in a year.

    I will not mention your name again in the interests of your request.

    I accept your apology but you still don't comprehend why what you posted
    irked me to no end (because it's what the ignorant iKooks always do).

    If it takes you more than a few seconds to figure out my posts, then you
    have no right to claim you're a fantastic genius for having finally done so.

    That's what the ignorant uneducated rather low IQ Apple adoring Kooks do.
    nospam, Joerg Lorenz, Alan Baker, Rod Speed, Jolly Roger, Lewis, et. al.

    Which, ironically so, the whole point of what makes them iKooks in the first place - which is a VERY IMPORTANT ADULT CONCEPT few people seem to realize.

    It's _not_ like the difference between the Linux & Windows users when it
    comes to the iKooks. They're actually _all_ uneducated. None of them has
    more than a high school degree (those like Alan Baker don't even have that).

    What I stated was an educated opinion based on decades of studying them:
    a. Every iKook lacks both education and intelligence (to a man!)
    (That's important to know as it's _different_ with Windows:Linux users)

    b. Every iKook obtains the bulk of their self esteem from Apple MARKETING
    (Again, it's important because nobody else but they fall for that crap.)

    c. Hence, every fact about Apple they brazenly deny to their dying breaths!
    (That's the important result of the above two facts about the iKooks.)

    As just one example, they exalt in "TSMC-Silicon" and yet nobody intelligent thinks it's "Apple-Silicon" but those utter morons. Certainly no Windows or Linux user will exalt in a mere slogan such as "Intel Inside" even as at
    least it _is_ Intel silicon.

    Notice what differentiates the users who proclaim theirs is best is...
    a. All the Apple iKooks are both ignorant and extremely un educated
    b. All the Apple iKooks obtain their self esteem from Apple MARKETING ploys
    c. Which is why the Apple iKooks hate almost every fact about Apple

    Such as the fact Apple products are so crippled there is zero functionality
    on an iPhone not already on Android and yet Android can do tons of app functionality that an iPhone can't do, and such as the fact Apple can't even design a modem, let along integrate an existing modem into an SOC, or that Apple can't design a power delivery system that doesn't need to be throttled for stability, or the fact that nobody in high tech has a _lower_ R&D spend than does Apple (nor a higher Marketing spend, coincidentally enough).

    I understand these iKooks perhaps better than they understand themselves.

    When iKooks frequently gloat about Apple's ungodly obscene profit margins, I realize what they do not realize, which is you can't make that kind of
    profit off of intelligent people... now can you?

    That's the key topic I would love to flesh out as an _adult_ discussion:
    *Can you make such ungodly profit margins off of intelligent customers?*
    Nobody in high tech has as low R&D as does Apple, nor as high of MARKETING.

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  • From !@21:1/5 to Andy Burnelli on Thu Feb 24 21:36:31 2022
    Andy Burnelli <spam@nospam.com> wrote:

    Becase I'm not going to stop providing value even if the wrapping changes.

    - and what a lot of value that was, oh my, yes indeed.

    fold, spindle, mutilate.

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  • From !@21:1/5 to Andy Burnelli on Thu Feb 24 22:42:47 2022
    Andy Burnelli <spam@nospam.com> wrote:

    Zaghadka wrote: [...]

    Misthreaded, troll.

    fold, spindle, mutilate.

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