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    From Andy Burnelli@21:1/5 to All on Thu Feb 17 22:50:14 2022
    Then, the instant after accepting them, it locked me out (instantly).

    Shitty web site doesn't even explain why.

    The point is that storing your precious data on the iCloud is NOT safe!

    Bearing in mind how primitive Apple's systems are, I just noticed that when
    it accepted my login and password, I was using a VPN privacy browser.

    It could be Apple's systems are so freaking infantile that they locked me
    out for that reason alone, after not having logged into the iCloud for four years.

    Bear in mind these things don't happen if you do _everything_ Apple tells
    you to do (which includes allowing Apple to track everything you do via the iCloud login) but I don't use the iPads only the primitive way Apple

    I logged in _once_ (about four years ago) when the iPads were purchased.
    And then about two years ago Apple started nagging me to log in again.
    I've been dismissing that idiotic nag screen for two years.
    Finally, I tried logging in (using a privacy browser)...

    And Apple locked me out forever on one iPad:
    <https://i.postimg.cc/q75t7MSk/appleid03.jpg> Apple _disables_ your acct!
    On the other iPad (different iCloud account) it's still kind'of working.

    But all my iCloud data?
    *Your AppleID has been locked for security reasons.*
    The point is that storing your data on the iCloud is NOT safe!

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