• Re: Is there only one "legitimate" TOR app in the iOS app store?

    From Andy Burnelli@21:1/5 to Christophe van Engelen on Mon Feb 14 16:01:24 2022
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    On Mon, 14 Feb 2022 07:49:21 -0800 (PST), Christophe van Engelen wrote:

    This is fucking bullshit answear, don't follow.

    What amazes me is how shockingly _little_ these iKooks know about Apple.

    Given how crippled the primitive restrictive iOS is, run this search.

    First hit:
    *Can I run Tor Browser on an iOS device?*

    Here, I'll spoon feed these completely uneducated iKooks with the URL even:

    Do I need to actually quote it for these always uneducated iKooks also?
    "Apple requires browsers on iOS to use something called Webkit,
    which prevents Onion Browser from having the same privacy protections
    as Tor Browser."

    Hmmmm... WebKit doesn't have the privacy protections (that Android has).

    This is an adult observation (which will be lost on kindergarten iKooks).
    a. Those least educated are those who _believe_ the MARKETING bullshit
    b. Apple is happy to bullshit that they have privacy Android doesn't
    c. And yet, you can't get TOR anonymity out of _any_ Apple web browser

    That's just a fact.

    As always, the iKooks are uneducated which is why they _love_ Apple because Apple MARKETING is certainly glad to tell them iOS is "more private" indeed.
    Those most ignorant are the ones who identify most strongly with MARKETING.

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