• Re: How do you download a single useful app to an older iPad model MC49

    From Jolly Roger@21:1/5 to Andy Burnelli on Sat Jan 15 05:33:05 2022
    On 2022-01-15, Andy Burnelli <spam@nospam.com> wrote:
    On 14 Jan 2022 18:41:56 GMT, Jolly Roger wrote:

    Same here with our 1st generation iPad and iPad 2. All of the apps
    installed on it work fine (albeit naturally slowly by today's
    standards). The notable and reasonable exception is some apps that
    communicate with online servers now require newer versions of those apps
    and the developers of those apps (not Apple) have dropped support for
    older devices.

    A kitchen-clock app

    God you're boring.

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