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    Sigh. You can't fix stupid.

    with you being the best example of that.

    The point remains critically relevant for _anyone_ comparing the platforms:
    *Apple prevents the _market_ from supplying what you need; Google can't.*

    A classic example where _both_ Apple & Google prevent the market from
    supplying what you need is a case of their respective profitable App Stores.
    a. Apple prevents the non-jailbroken user from accessing any other App Store
    b. Google can't.

    The reason Google can't is the _market_ is who provides app functionality!
    *Who decides what FUNCTIONALITY you get on your smartphone anyway?*

    A case in point is the Aurora Store which _is_ a Google Play Store client on steroids (same repository - but a much better GUI than Google will provide).

    Just as with Apple's official App Store client, the official Google Play
    Store client won't allow you to save the APK after downloading it (but
    before installing it so that you have an automatic archive of all apps).

    Just as with the Apple App Store client, the Google Play Store Client won't allow you to anonymously spoof yourself, your phone, your OS version, and
    even your language.

    Worse, just as with the Apple App Store client, the Google Play Store client won't allow you to set persistent filters to block all mothership apps, all apps with the google services framework in them, all apps that have ads in them, all paid apps, etc. (which is pretty much the first search ever run).

    The point is that neither Google nor Apple will allow you the kind of functionality and privacy that you want, but the critically huge difference which many people don't seem to realize is this.

    *Apple successfully prevents App Store client functionality; Google can't.*

    That single critical difference is why my free Samsung phone will always
    have more app functionality than even the most expensive iPhone of the
    future can possibly have.

    *Apple restricts what the app market can provide; Google can't.*
    If a person is unaware of that, then they known nothing about smartphones.

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