• (OS X High Sierra) How to edit Saved Searches without putting them in t

    From Dudley Brooks@21:1/5 to All on Tue Dec 21 17:48:58 2021
    I originally kept all my Saved Searches in the Sidebar. But since they
    are saved automatically into the Saved Searches folder anyway, I moved
    them out of the Sidebar so that the Sidebar would not be so crowded.

    But it seems I can only edit them when they're in the Sidebar. In the
    Saved Searches folder the only similar option is Get Info, which *shows*
    the search criteria, but doesn't let you edit them.

    There's also Add to Sidebar, so I can certainly put them back in the
    Sidebar and edit them there ... but then the only choices are (1) to
    leave the Sidebar crowded, which I would rather not do; or (2) to put a
    file into Sidebar, edit it, then move it back out of Sidebar ... which
    feels like a bit of a time-waster.

    Is there a way to edit Saved Searches when they are only in the Saved
    Search folder?


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