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    On Sun, 19 Dec 2021 13:32:11 -0000 (UTC), badgolferman wrote:

    nospam is always right. There¢s no sense in discussing anything with him because he knows everything about anything and can never be wrong. He even will tell you that your preferences are wrong. So if you like cheddar
    cheese he will tell you that is wrong and you should like feta cheese instead.

    You've correctly ascertained that nospam's IQ is vastly above that of the
    other Apple apologists, in that nospam's IQ may actually approach average.

    However, a critically important aside which proves nospam's intelligence
    can't be all that high (even as he towers over the likes of Lewis & Jolly Roger), is that nospam's arguments supporting everything Apple does and says
    to the death are _always_ incongruous.

    This nospam doesn't own the intelligence to keep his arguments consistent.
    I don't know why.

    However, I suspect he, like a unprepossessing used-car salesman may be,
    simply assumes you, the recipient, are incredibly stupid such that you'd believe _anything_ he says as he purposefully intends to mislead you.

    An example is when he claims Apple is better in some arguments, and then in countless other threads he claims Apple is no better than anyone else is.

    This nospam consistently claims Apple claims are true (such as in battery
    life or camera quality of results) and yet he can _never_ find even a single reputable outfit outside of Apple itself who has backed up Apple's claims.

    In fact, when reputable outfits (such as DXOMark & "Which?") consistently disprove Apple's absurd marketing claims of superiority, nospam says they're all "bribed" to say Apple specs don't even come close to Apple's claims.

    This nospam can't be trusted to do any other than defend Apple to the death.

    Much like politicians do for their own political party.
    Facts be damned: Consistency be damned.

    The populace, to them, is too stupid to connect what nospam says between one thread's arguments and another threads's (completely incongruous) arguments.

    My observation over the years is that nospam's arguments are entirely inconsistent much like politicians' arguments often are, e.g., it's "my body
    my choice" for abortion but it's "your body my choice" for the gene therapy shots (the only consistency is that it's "my choice" to them for whatever medical procedure is done on you - as it's never "your choice" to them).

    Likewise with respect to another common political game, where the
    politicians claim that abortion is already resolved in the courts with roe-v-wade but that gun ownership isn't resolved with the 2nd amendment.

    Basically, much like politicians and unconscionably sleazy used-car
    salesmen, nospam will argue _anything_ (however inconsistent) in defending Apple to the death, down to the point that if Apple sells only cheddar
    cheese and not feta cheese, then by damned _every_ argument from nospam will
    be that cheddar cheese is better than feta cheese - and - when it's proven
    that it's not always the case - those who proved it were "bribed" to say
    that - and when it's proven that _everyone_ else but Apple can prove
    otherwise, then nospam will end his incongruous claims with a statement that Samsung or Google or Microsoft made Apple sell that cheddar cheese.

    (That is, when Apple is proven inferior, then nospam claims it's everyone else's fault but Apple's that Apple was proven inferior in that category.)

    Jolly Roger and Lewis also try to do the same thing but they are just ignorant, arrogant, condescending assholes who talk down to others in order make themselves look superior.

    Of course, nospam has _one_ more final retort whenever he can't address the facts, which is to drop down, eventually, to the kindergarten taunts that badgolferman already noted Jolly Roger and Lewis _start_ with, beginning
    with his "ftfy" childish response to facts that nospam simply hates.

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