• Re: Has anyone here already run a Linux iFuse (libimobiledevice) port o

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    In another thread I made the mistake of including the Apple newsgroup.

    at least you didn't do that again.

    oh wait...

    But I'm hoping _someone_ out there knows more than I do.

    no worries. they very definitely do.

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  • From Andy Burnelli@21:1/5 to Jolly Roger on Tue Jan 18 21:47:12 2022
    On 18 Jan 2022 19:00:14 GMT, Jolly Roger wrote:

    Mmmhmm, run away and hide Frankie. Meanwhile, anyone who knows better
    copies files to and from their Apple devices with ease. : )

    Notice the three kooks brazenly fabricate imaginary functionality for Apple products that even they know they created out of nothing (they make it up).

    Can they show even a _single_ screenshot of them doing what they claim?

    Can we show a screenshot of _everything_ we claim?

    #1: Here is an iPod with fantastic functionality connected to Windows
    _without_ the iTunes abomination (which, if installed, kills it!)

    #2: Here are two iPads and one Android connected to Windows sans iTunes
    (where the iPads are just dumb bricks & where Android is perfect).

    #3: Here is a dual boot to Ubuntu showing _simultaneous_ copy both ways
    (both read _and_ write) to the file systems of iOS, Windows, and
    Linux (and Android) all at the same time (with only one PC!).

    Notice the Apple kooks (Jolly Roger, Lewis & nospam) can _never_ back up
    even a single claim they make for the vaunted functionality of iTunes.

    Why do these Apple kooks always fabricate imaginary functionality?
    I don't know why.

    I suspect they hate that their vaunted Apple solution is so crippled.
    Hell, they can't even back up their wild claims on the macOS newsgroup!
    <https://i.postimg.cc/g269S8rT/files13.jpg> How does macOS work with iOS?

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  • From corvid@21:1/5 to Andy Burnelli on Sat Jan 22 19:10:43 2022
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    On 1/22/22 10:50, Andy Burnelli wrote:
    The Apple kooks are_desperate_ to derail this

    But they know Andy's little choo-choo just goes around and around.

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