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    Given Ant posted the link, I decided to read it to see what it tells us.
    *Apple says iOS 15 adoption is lower than usual, but here's why*

    iOS adoption among "devices introduced in the last four years":
    72% iOS 15
    *26% iOS 14*
    2% Earlier

    iOS adoption among all devices regardless of release date:
    63% iOS 15
    *30% iOS 14*
    7% Earlier

    iOS adoption for iPads released in the last four years:
    57% iPadOS 15
    *39% iPadOS 14*
    4% Earlier

    And for iPadOS adoption regardless of when they were released, Apple says:
    49% iPadOS 15
    *37% iPadOS 14*
    14% Earlier

    ASSESSMENTS: (given a huge number of people do _not_ want to be on iOS15!)
    9to5Mac's Take
    "The key thing to remember is that Apple is actually allowing iPhone
    users to _remain on iOS 14_ this year and still receive security updates.

    "Apple is, however, starting to push users towards iOS 15"

    I find it interesting that 9to5Mac didn't speak about the elephant in the
    room which is Apple's iOS 15 brings the Apple-sponsored surveillance closer
    to the boiling point of the CSAM debacle Apple only temporarily backed down from.

    My assessment is
    a. Apple is slowly bringing up the surveillance boiling temperature
    b. After Apple was forced to back down from its surveillance debacle
    c. But Apple is adamant that they will add surveillance no matter

    Which is why Apple doesn't like that people avoided iOS 15 in droves.

    What's your intelligent assessment of the facts?
    Only an idiot disagrees with the facts (that's why they're idiots after
    all); but intelligent people can reasonably disagree on assessments.

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