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    From Andy Burnelli@21:1/5 to Jolly Roger on Thu Jan 13 04:03:01 2022
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    On 13 Jan 2022 00:16:18 GMT, Jolly Roger wrote:

    I never said the OP asked for an editable file.i

    I know.

    You apologists are always making up excuses for why iOS is so crippled.

    If you knew all along that iOS is so crippled that it can't even do the _simplest_ tasks you could possibly ask of it (which _every_ other operating system easily does), then why did you claim otherwise Jolly Roger?

    The fact remains iOS is so crippled that it can't even do something as trivially simple as list all the installed apps to an editable file.

    For all other platforms, there are so many ways to do that it's not funny.

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  • From Andy Burnelli@21:1/5 to nospam on Thu Jan 13 04:20:23 2022
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    On Tue, 11 Jan 2022 23:07:23 -0500, nospam wrote:

    How can I see a list of all the apps that I have ever downloaded, by
    the way?

    You cannot.

    very much wrong.

    Just seeing and sorting the apps by installation or last modification date
    is one thing, nospam, but what about saving the list to an editable file on
    the device (all by its itty bitty self without having to add a second
    computer and hundreds of megabytes of almost completely untested bloatware)?

    Here's just an app (of many) for Android which does something _that_ simple.

    What app do you claim is in the iOS app store that does something _that_
    simple (where _every_ other operating system (but iOS) already does it)?
    Even the lowly mac can do something this simple; just iOS is so crippled.

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