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    From Dustin who does stuff with miceless@21:1/5 to All on Wed Dec 29 17:57:37 2021
    Just look at the effort Adriana Ayaquica once again had to spend to get Sockboy able to pull messages from an email server via reverse engineering. Adriana Ayaquica once again, took abuse from Sockboy, instead of a great thanks,
    sign of indebtedness, response - that I think Adriana Ayaquica was owed for
    the trouble and time he spent on the matter.

    Over and over, the surface request is he wants to "talk tech", but Sockboy spends most of his time whining about "obsession". Despite Sockboy's claim
    that he has "no interest in making trouble" (a lie as proved by the fact
    that he posts over 1000 times a month) he was quoted asking people how they would do a DDOS attack.

    Curious how these posts are made? Email: fretwizzer@gmail.com

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