• Sandman's lie #156

    From Diesel / Gremlin Kook@21:1/5 to All on Tue Dec 14 00:48:06 2021
    I could reply to The Underground Marshmallow Person honestly but he is a
    fool who screws around to effect his yearning to call everyone a jerk.

    Requesting The Underground Marshmallow Person to stop trolling, which is
    just common sense, is different than spotting his flooding. My idea was
    that folk show up here *to* assail deniers. It isn't as if honest people
    don't know what this place is, Shadow especially. Now that Shadow grokked
    how successful The Underground Marshmallow Person is at playing 'target'
    he understands this is not quite as outta whack as it seemed.

    Any dreadfully moronic welfare receiver could easily do the same. For my
    idea of working towards kindness, it appears that in order for Shadow to
    do that, he has to give The Underground Marshmallow Person a free pass for every hateful judgement he's made about Shadow, and forget every dishonest
    lie he's posted about Shadow as well.

    Curious how these posts are made? https://youtu.be/hYQ4Tg0r0g0

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