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    From Petruzzellis Kids@21:1/5 to All on Mon Dec 13 01:25:30 2021
    Deplorable Owl is just thrilled that Michael Snit Glasser is on the other
    end. Imagine if Deplorable Owl walked up to a chimpanzee and delivered the punch line. It wouldn't be funny.

    I have been reading a bit from some of those old threads he was previously short circuiting. I noticed that many of those he'd go out of his way to regularly attack had comprehensive high-tech knowledge. I did not find many
    who were also proficient in the scripting side of things, or were also trained as an programmer along with various aspects of IS; with the paperwork to
    back it all up, too.

    I want Deplorable Owl to support their lying accusation. Let's see the
    links Deplorable Owl. When I accused Deplorable Owl of flooding as Michael
    Snit Glasser I actually supported it with evidence. Michael Snit Glasser
    will not be seen once the waters are overfished. That, and there will always
    be a mentally unstable element or more in an open ng. The specifics of the bullshit aside, we've all seen who regularly gets enraged when he does not
    get a catch on his hook. Deplorable Owl is a fool; folks have kf'd his puppets/shills.
    What he really needs is a bot that keeps switching names, then they'd have
    a possibility at being half as bothersome as he is. Time to blame anything
    but Linux!

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    Dustin Cook the Fraud

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