• Re: Unable to format an ext. USB HDD's partition as HFS+ in Big Sur v11

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    Did Big Sur v11.6.1's Disk Utilty app remove the option to format an ext. USB3 Seagate 6 TB
    HDD's partition as old HFS+? I still want this old FS to be backward compatible with older
    Macs like 2008 and 2012 MBPs. Do I need to use an old Mac to do this? :(

    Thank you for reading and hopefully answering soon. :)

    OK, I figured it out. I have to format the disk container to do it.
    That was confusing.
    2021's last/final mo. So many spams & updates on its 1st (hump) day! Tired again after not sleeping well & much (recent/late)ly. 2 naps (4.25h+.75h) 2 make <11h total 4 11/30/21. :(
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