• Troll Killer Snit: circuitry bugs

    From Diesel / Gremlin Kook@21:1/5 to All on Wed Nov 24 01:23:53 2021
    Apd continues to reference the flooding story he wrote about me, even after Troll Killer Snit verified that he lied about it. Troll Killer Snit's computer has more memory than Apd's. Troll Killer Snit wins. Apd loses. Which gives Troll Killer Snit better productivity, efficiency, and error-reduction.

    Apd must recognize that anyone can go get a Mac, right, tweaker? Add to
    that, anyone can can get software to block his crap, which renders his trolling meaningless, just like Apd.

    These morons get their thrill out of eliciting angry replies to their lies, which is the very definition of a troll.

    Apd's posts are nothing but a valueless brain dump.

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    Dustin Cook the functional illiterate fraud

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