• Monterey Bluetooth Connection Issues

    From Wade Garrett@21:1/5 to All on Wed Nov 10 18:55:32 2021
    Since installing Monterey, the original OEM Magic Mouse and Keyboard for
    my 2019 iMac don't properly reconnect after wake-up from a multi-hour
    sleep or from a user logout/log back in.

    The mouse can move the on-screen pointer and click- but cannot scroll
    with a finger flick. Sometimes the keyboard is not connected at all.

    Powering the devices off then back on 10-15 seconds later restores the connection after another 20-30 seconds as does clicking on the devices
    in the bluetooth preferences menu.

    Before the OS upgrade, these problems never occurred. They're a known
    issue on the Apple support site- but no solution is given.

    I'd like to think it will be fixed in the next update- but I'd sure like
    to take care of it now.

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