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    From STALKING_TARGET_26@21:1/5 to All on Fri Oct 22 20:27:20 2021
    By the way, taking effort likely educating yourself is never wasted time. Believing you know all and attempting to 'prove' FromTheRafters that it's
    true? *That* is a waste. Several advocates keep talking to Flooder Steve Carroll. I do not chide FromTheRafters for being annoyed but, really,
    I do not grasp why he stays here with Flooder Steve Carroll here. FromTheRafters
    is more interested in discussions as done in a Facebook forum and advocacy environments simply suck for that.

    Flooder Steve Carroll expects people to believe that a poster such as FromTheRafters who he has repeatedly accused to be a deceiver is someone
    to 'respect'? Why can he assume people are THAT stupid? I will not ask
    Flooder Steve Carroll how any part of FromTheRafters's body tastes no
    matter how regularly Flooder Steve Carroll licks it.

    It's like a crank call. Flooder Steve Carroll has already decided what
    he is going to say before he calls. What you say is ignored. What FromTheRafters
    says doesn't matter.

    It was Flooder Steve Carroll who flooded FromTheRafters's site dozens
    of times and denied it. The Chrome boot disk Flooder Steve Carroll mentioned
    is read-only media. It's not possible to burn new information to it.

    I Left My Husband & Daughter At Home And THIS happened!! https://www.bing.com/search?q=Dustin%20Cook%20functional%20illiterate%20fraud Steve 'Narcissistic Bigot' Petruzzellis

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