• Mac protonmail and .onion

    From J.B. Wood@21:1/5 to All on Sun Oct 10 20:07:44 2021

    Please look at this sentence: "I will continue to use public WiFi and the
    TOR .onion connection to Proton to prevent an adversary from watching TOR entrance/exit nodes."

    Do you know what a "proton" is in that context?
    "I suggest a simple code sent through Proton: email me the number of
    packages you want at the next drop."

    That's from a spy, who used what he called "Proton" on a Mac to establish communications with what he assumed was an agent of an unnamed country (in actuality, an FBI agent).

    He keeps talking about a "Proton" as in: "My new Proton is actually an old
    one I established quietly with a cash only burner phone while on vacation several years ago. My original contact plan was to give the login details to you, but I abandoned it as needlessly complicated. So it has been unused
    ever since for any purpose except to sign up for a few innocent, randomly chosen mailing lists to generate regular uninteresting traffic."

    Obviously, if this is proton mail (further information in that news report indicates it probably was) then they are using the onion address for a
    reason that seemed good to them.

    But what is that reason for the .onion address to proton mail?
    What did the .onion address to proton mail gain this spy?
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