• For FREE: Composite Video Splitter/Amplifer

    From groink1@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Tue Jul 4 20:54:58 2017
    VIDEOTEK VDA-16A Video Amplifier

    Unit is in great working condition. Internal parts date this around 1993. I used this when I was putting on Apple II demonstrations during my user group days. All connectors are BNC type, so you'll need adapters if you plan on using this on an Apple II
    or other system that uses composite video. This may be useful for someone who is doing a presentation at KansasFest.

    I'm giving this away, but am asking for the recipient to cover shipping, which should be about US$17 U.S. domestic (USPS Priority.) Locations outside of the U.S. is fine, but expect to pay much more. Private mail me if you're interested. Include your
    country so I can calculate actual shipping. I'll accept only PayPal.

    Videotek's popular stand-alone series of distribution amplifiers is designed for a wide variety of applications. Each model has its own power supply for individual use.


    • One looping video input
    • Six isolated video outputs
    • Front panel output level adjustment
    • Cable equalizer front panel adjustment


    · INPUT IMPEDANCE: Hi-Z looping
    · INPUT RETURN LOSS: 40 dB minimum, 50 Hz to 5 MHz
    · OUTPUT IMPEDANCE: 75O, source terminated
    · MAXIMUM OUTPUT LEVEL: 2V p-p, 50 Hz to 10 MHz, 75O load
    · GAIN: Continuously adjustable ±6 dB
    · FREQUENCY RESPONSE: ±0.2 dB, 50 Hz to 10 MHz
    · CABLE EQUALIZATION: (VDA-16 only) Adjustable for up to 400 feet of 8281
    · DIFFERENTIAL GAIN: =0.2%,10% to 90% APL
    · DIFFERENTIAL PHASE: =0.2°, 10% to 90% APL
    · TILT:=0.5%
    · OUTPUT ISOLATION: 40 dB minimum, 50 Hz to 5 MHz 35 dB minimum, 50 Hz to 10 MHz
    · MAXIMUM DC ON INPUT: ±3V with a 1V p-p signal
    · THROUGHPUT DELAY: 15 ns typical

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  • From groink1@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Tue Jul 4 20:56:29 2017
    Oh, forgot to also mention it can handle both 120VAC or 240VAC. There's a jumper inside to switch one or the other. The AC cord is U.S. style.

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