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    From martindoherty377@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Wed Jun 9 09:42:18 2021
    I got a few good laughs out of these current auctions / BINs:

    APPLE 1 Original 1976 Computer System 1st Steve Wozniak designed computer - Buy It Now for $1,500,000
    ... I dunno, probably not worth much over $1,250,000 I reckon!

    [ BRAND NEW! RARE! ] CFFA 3000 + Remote Switch for Apple II IIe GS - Buy It Now for $650
    ... this is shooting a bit high, but they have been selling recently for $450 - $550! I know many of us have socked away a few extra units of this awesome add-on and I think y'all are starting to open those plastic bins and take some photos, hmmmm?

    Apple II Mouse - A2M2070 - with Original Box - Buy It Now for $350
    ... I mean, it's complete and in very nice condition, but WTF? It's been hanging out there for a long time now at the same asking price. Best of luck, seller!

    VINTAGE APPLE ComputeršŸ”„ COMPACT PERSONAL COMPUTER G090H MONITORšŸ”„June 1985šŸ˜ - Buy It Now for $549.99
    ... this one takes the cake. Seller seems to think this 9-inch IIc monitor is a complete computer? Also apparently did no price research before listing.

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