• AE Transwarp GS 1.4

    From Tuf@21:1/5 to All on Thu Jan 3 13:05:30 2019
    I've got an original AE Transwarp GS rev 1.4 I'm considering selling. I've upgraded it to the following spec:

    Original TWGS rev 1.4
    Western Design Center W65C816S CPU
    ByteBoosters 32KB Cache Board
    ByteBoosters High Speed GALs
    Scalable Oscillator v2 for TransWarp GS

    I get somewhere around 13.5mhz stable on my GS with it - your mileage may vary so be aware. The Scalable Oscillator is a lifesaver when trying to find the maximum speed the card will be stable at. Runs like a champ with the stock power supply in the GS.

    Looking for reasonable offers - email me if interested.

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