• Re-purposing a Carbon Monoxide Alarm

    From James Davis@21:1/5 to All on Wed Feb 28 13:22:38 2018
    Does anyone want to re-purpose an old (expired) Kidde Carbon Monoxide Alarm or any of its parts for use with Apple II projects? The plastic case has a nice battery holder for three AA batteries that could be cut out with a hot knife or coping saw.
    There are two chips (without labeling, 8-pin DIP & 18-pin DIP) and lots of transistors and resistors and capacitors on its motherboard. There is also a crystal package, a red l.e.d., a green l.e.d., the CO detector, and a metal can about the size of my
    little finger with what looks like an moisture-absorbent-package taped around one end. I'll send the whole thing to you for free (within U.S.A.). [It shouldn't cost me much (<$10.00) to send it.] If not, I'll put in in the recycle bin after a month or
    so (end of March 2018). Respond privately if interested.

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