• Something weird going on with DreamPC from 2006, bad smell coming f

    From skybuck2000@21:1/5 to All on Sun Jun 13 03:49:40 2021
    New hypothesis:

    Short version:

    "Flaw in the design of the NFORCE4 northbridge chip"
    "It cannot handle DUAL PCI Express traffic and will


    I haven't even checked any specifications about that the

    fuck a north bridge chip does ! HAHA ! But this is my

    hypothesis for now people ! =D See below for mooorrreee

    detective work ! ;) =D

    1. I played submarine test of World of Warships from USB

    3.0 PCI Express Controller on DreamPC 2006

    while at the same time:

    2. Also playing submarine test of world of warships from

    GT 1030 PCI Express graphics card.

    Perhaps the combination of both led to the burn through of

    the north bridge chip.

    The north bridge chip now has to handle TWO PCI devices

    with super high bandwidth ?!?!?

    Perhaps this became to much for the north bridge chip


    Perhaps this also explains why the DUAL 7900 GTX Graphics

    Card SLI setup burned THROUGH multiple motherboards !

    Perhaps now after 15 years the thruth is coming out and

    there was a DESIGN flag in the NFORCE4 chipset and the

    north bridge simply cannot handle so much PCI Traffic and

    it BURNS THROUGH !!!

    Could this be the culprit ! ;)

    Skybuck detective is on the case ! ;) =D

    Bye for now,
    Skybuck ! =D

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