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    wtorek, 15 kwietnia 1997 o 09:00:00 UTC+2 Dwayne Osborne napisał(a):
    On the note of Slam Tilt high scores, these are not my scores but
    a friends scores. I won't talk about mine, I'm hopeless at the
    game :) So here goes ...
    Mean Machines: 38,028,153,070
    Pirate: 2,610,479,800
    Ace of Space: 3,976,043,010
    Night of the Deamon: 11,762,257,192
    The only problem with this is that his scores are on my machine
    and I've no way of beating them. It's a real pain not even having
    one of your intials in the top scores. Hence I've stopped playing
    the game myself for sheer fustration :)
    Dwayne Osborne _ // http://www.vianet.net.au/~dwark/
    Amilight Pty Ltd \X/ Powered by: A4000/060, CV64.

    I did 4 866 669 340 on Mean Mashines today, exactly 24 years later!
    Here's prove: https://youtu.be/vIsYjHAWfJc
    I will beat 38 billion anyway to prove my supremacy :D

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