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    Giancarlo> You can say that game developers won't switch to
    Giancarlo> the new graphics modes. Did developers switch to Amiga DOS Giancarlo> 2.0 when it came out? Of course they did. Did developers Giancarlo> switch to the ECS modes when they came out?

    *Game* developers will NOT switch to the AA chip set unless it is compatible with the A500 and A600 and current rumors say that is
    unlikely. Without RTG, nothing but image rendering/video software will
    be written for third party gfx boards (i.e. no games).
    The AA chipset for one thing is hardware address compatible with the existing chipset. This means that all existing stuff even programs that go directly to the hardware 'should' work. Remember that most fast action games (or any games that have decent speeds) go directly to the hardware anyhow.. which means that RTG will not make any difference aside for some vector based games etc which want to take advantage of RTG.
    As far as writing stuff specifically for the AA chipset goes, I for one am going to go all out. I believe that most people are frustrated with the current chipset and frustrated when they look at all their friends with those cool VGA 256 color games etc. so there's going to be a lot of people switching
    over to the new chipset as long as it's affordable. Considering there are new chips aside from upgrades to the existing ones (alice, lisa etc), I have no idea if it's possible to upgrade current machines to use the new chipset.
    If it isn't, then this may present a big problem :)
    Even when the AA chip set comes out the main gaming graphics mode will still only equal SNES, not exceed it. ie. 256 colors@ 320x2xx
    The 8bit HAM mode will be too slow for games.
    Why do people keep saying HAM is slow? There is nothing slow about HAM. There's no reason you can't write games in HAM other than problems with fringing etc. Considering the additional sprite support that the new chipset offers, I think we will begin to see more games take advantage of HAM for their backgrounds. The sprites on the current chipset just don't cut it and that's why you hardly see any HAM games.

    In addition to upgrading HAM (ie hiresHAM, more bpls etc) they've also upgraded other modes like SuperDualPlayfields mode etc. This means we're going to see games of a lot higher quality coming out as well. Traditionally dual playfields mode has meant very few colors and massive copper tricks to get around this.. but now things will be considerably better because you can get more colors per playfield. Even though the AA's sprite capabilities
    still don't match the SNES's, this mode should help out quite a bit in that regard.
    Giancarlo> So, no 16 Million color palette for Genesis or SNES -
    Giancarlo> EVER!!!! -Giancarlo

    Probably not in an Amiga game either. :^{
    Well, the palette IS 24 bit.. although the screen is only 8. In any case, certain boards such as OpalVision do have the facility to allow for games based around them. IN fact, OpalVision comes with a karate game. It's not so hot, but hey, it's the first! A lot can be done in that area...
    And as for the AA chipset , you will definitely see games that surpass
    VGA and SNES games as far as background graphics go. WIth modes like HiresHAMlace, you'll see a ton of colors and very high resolution. Sure, there are Ultra VGA boards which can do similar screens but they don't have the custom chip support to do anything with their static displays :) Plus considering that there are very few VGA cards which can do this in the first place, don't expect too many games on the PC to surpass what the AA is going to be doing. Personally, I see a rosy future for the amiga game market!

    Old School thread. Amiga still rules.

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    Personally, I see a rosy future for the amiga game market!

    Not so many roses no.

    Old School thread. Amiga still rules.

    What did you search for to find it? :-)


    / Pinku

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