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    Andy had a brainstorm (too much time in front of a VDU!) and after

    checking through all the entries again, I declare the winner to be...

    <drum roll>

    Mario Miniaci

    from the UK (okay, *someones* timezone was going to be biased in

    favour). Although other's answers were (in the end) interpreted as being

    just as correct, Mario's email arrived the earliest, some 6 hours

    after the competition posting.

    His answer was...

    Hi John!

    The reason that the Dark Angels Terminator Company changed their

    armour colour to white is as follows:

    A group of Terminators returned to their homeworld to recruit

    more Marines from it. It was a pretty primitive world when they left,

    sort of based on American Indian culture. Anyway, when they got there,

    the place had been taken over by Genestealers, and although the Marines

    wanted to free the world, they did not believe that they would survive the

    confrontation, so they performed the rite of Deathwing, the Emperor's steed

    (from their culture). This is a rite performed when a warrior goes to his

    death. The armour was left white in honour of this action, which was


    Thanks to everyone who entered, the enthusiasm was overwhelming, and I

    just wish I could give everyone a copy of the game!


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    Can you believe this was nearly 19 years ago? As it happens I never received my copy of Space Hulk, but those were the days before online courier checking etc...

    Hey ho...

    Wow - that is pretty amazing!


    Yeah, and I must have about 3 versions on Steam by now - all unplayed...

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