• steam, assetto corsa, bootcamp

    From Robert Peirce@21:1/5 to All on Thu Mar 9 19:26:57 2017
    I'm at a loss as to where to go with this so maybe somebody in this
    group can help.

    I want to install Windows in bootcamp strictly so I can run the Assetto
    Corsa driving simulation. The problem is I am paranoid and believe in
    frequent backups, which I can't do in bootcamp without adding hard
    drives, backup software, etc.

    My solution is to keep everything in a download directory in my Mac
    partition and install it in windows from a flash drive, which is pretty
    much the way bootcamp does it.

    This would be fine for a simple executable that I could drag-and-drop
    but I have been told, perhaps wrongly, that I have to download this
    software directly to the bootcamp partition using the steam app, which
    also must be installed in the partition.

    Is that the only way to do it or is there a way to download the software
    to the mac as outlined above?

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