• releaase 0.1 macos 9 game : tinuviel (BSD licensed)

    From bubble@21:1/5 to All on Tue Mar 8 09:55:16 2016

    I made a simple system for making games in CodeWarrior 3 on a macos 9 (or powerpc macos classic). It was built for powerpc and uses its own graphics library based on xpm files. I posted this to comp.sys.mac.system based on
    the book "Mac game programming" but started from scratch so I do not infringe. The dude does not want me copying his code.

    You can move the player around now and you have room code for displaying entities in the game.

    At least I am going to make an adventure game out of it as my program is slow with the graphics. I love the king's quest and quest for glory games and might franchise something with it. It'll be built for children and may be a self-invented sequel to the previous games mentioned.

    There are good list and dictionary classes included so the game stays fast in C.

    I will probably repost as I progress, I really like the macos 9 Carbon system.

    The site of the game will always be http://brandywine-software.yellowcouch.org/macos9, the game is called tinuviel.

    Kind regards,

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