• Re: Help with HP 9000 340 model.

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    On Monday, May 18, 2015 at 11:08:12 AM UTC+2, Goetz Hoffart wrote:

    what about models 400?
    Do they run stuff as old as UX 6 or 7?
    HP-UX 5 seems to be for the older 3xx series:


    Hi Goetz,
    Sorry for the Hiatus. I got side tracked on other projects. I've just booted the HP 9000 340 up again as I had a flood and needed to test my old stuff was not damaged. The HP was saved. Do you still require a copy of HP-UX 6.5? Let me know how to extract
    it from the HP. I have it networked on my LAN.

    Is it possible with the right cables to hook the HP up to a IBM 5151 monochrome monitor? My idea was to get a DB9 to DB15VGA connector and hook it up. What graphics crds do these have? I tried using a TFT 14" monitor and I could not get a signal but on
    my TFT Sun Monitor it works.


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