• RP33440 no CPU detected

    From ejb@fastmail.fm@21:1/5 to All on Thu Jul 18 18:19:12 2019
    Hi everyone

    So I have picked up an RP3440 that can't see the CPU. On the MP System Status it shows no processor in slot 0 or 1.

    In the system logs I see the following

    "A failure has occurred with a CPU during early selftests"

    I therefore tried replacing the CPU with another but I get the same result. I have also tried putting the CPUs in Slot 1 just to see if it would detect. Nothing.

    I am aware that CPU's are licensed in these units but thought that was only for the second socket....also being a RP3440 I have assumed that it is licensed for the second socket...is there something obvious I have to do here?

    From a diagnosic perspective all I have is the MP console over serial or via the web browser.
    Without CPU it wont boot a CD.

    appreciate any thoughts/ideas on what to try.



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